School Programs

School Programs

We making learning fun! Programs are offered to schools and homeschooling groups in the Humboldt and district area. We offer a wide range of education programming at both the Museum and Gallery for students in kindergarden to grade nine. Want to join our education e-mail list? Give us a call (306-682-5226) or send your request to

Depending on the activity selected for the program, there may be minimal additional supply fee charged. Donations are accepted and will go towards supporting the programs, exhibits and services.

Program Length

Programs run for 60 minutes and include a presentation and hands-on activity for students. Programs can be lengthened or shortened upon request.

Available Programs

Museum Tour – Students will learn what it was like to go to a school in a one room school and see what kinds of items were used in 20th century kitchens. Students will interact with our Cultural Programmers and have fun while viewing artifacts, learning how a one room school functioned, sitting in real wooden desks, and handling ice cream and butter churns.

Add-on Activities for this tour include a choice of making butter or ice cream the old fashioned way.

There is no additional cost to make butter, but ice cream making is $1.00 per student to cover the cost of supplies. Please also note the minimum charge for this activity is $15.00. Please call the Museum to check for availability.
Experimenting with Pen & Ink – Tours will begin with a short introduction on pen and ink artistic techniques. Then, Cultural Programmers will walk students through each step of drawing beautiful trees using pen and ink. This fun, hands-on program will allow students to engage and experiment with a dip pen and practice different mark-making techniques!
Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Humboldt – This tour begins at the Museum, the former post office, and covers the historic buildings in the downtown core. Our friendly Cultural Programmers will provide students with historical facts and stories about the historic sites, while guiding them through the downtown. Please note that there is no activity for this program, and tours are subject to weather conditions.
Morse Madness & The Name Game – This program uses artifacts from Original Humboldt to explore the role of the telegraph in the development of western Canada. The Name Game is a fun activity where students learn to write their names in Morse Code! Suitable for Grades K – 3. Morse Madness is an exciting listening game based on Pictionary, where students try to be the first team to guess what is being tapped out in Morse Code! Suitable for Grades 3 – 12. Both programs come with a fun, hands-on tour where students get to engage with a real telegraph machine and learn how to decode Morse Code!

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