Educational Programs
Full Museum Tour

Our Cultural Programmers will guide tour groups through the three floors of exhibits in the Museum. Some of the exhibits included in this tour are: the Telegraph Station, Mr. Sutherland’s Law Office, Bruser’s Store, Stebbing’s Barber Shop and much more. Throughout the tour, interesting facts and explanations of artifacts and exhibits will be provided.

Experimenting with Pen & Ink

Tours will begin with a short introduction on pen and ink artistic techniques. Then, Cultural Programmers will walk students through each step of drawing beautiful trees using pen and ink. This fun, hands-on program will allow students to engage and experiment with a dip pen and practice different mark-making techniques!

Morse Madness & The Name Game

This program uses artifacts from Original Humboldt to explore the role of the telegraph in the development of western Canada. The Name Game is a fun activity for students from Kindergarten to Grade 3, where students learn to write their names in Morse Code!

Morse Madness is an exciting listening game based on Pictionary, where students from Grades 3 – 12 try to be the first team to guess what is being tapped out in Morse Code! Both programs come with a fun, hands-on tour where students get to engage with a real telegraph machine and learn how to decode Morse Code.

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