Explore the stories of the Humboldt area throughout three floors of exhibits.

View the history of the religious organizations that contributed to the development of Humboldt. The city is located within St. Peter’s Colony, founded in 1903 by the Benedictine Monks. Humboldt was influenced by the spiritual guidance of the Benedictines, the educational role of the Ursuline Sisters and the health care provided by the Sisters of St. Elizabeth.

Enjoy the stories of the business community such as Stebbings Barber Shop, Golden West Drive-In, The Corral, Sutherland Law office, Gasser’s Drug Store, Dr. Heidgerken’s Dentist Office, and Brusers General Store.

Step into the past with this reconstruction of Burton Lake School. This one-room schoolhouse gives you a glimpse of what it would have been like to learn with all grades together and only one teacher.

View the kitchen and parlour of a pioneer home. The kitchen is equipped with everything you’ll need for pioneer life: a wood burning stove, cream separator, butter bowl, ice box, and washboard.

Take a close up look at a bald eagle, pelican or loon in our natural history collection.

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