Current Exhibits

  • 26 Sep, 2020 - 31 Jan, 2021
    Community Connections

    A celebration of the constantly evolving cultural heritage in Humboldt and surrounding area. Thank you to...

  • 3 Jun, 2021 - 28 Aug, 2021

    As it's summer show, The Humboldt and District Gallery will be pleased to present...

  • 6 Jul, 2021 -
    Stories of Humboldt: Chapter 4

    Doc Ogilvie, the Humboldt Lions Jr. Band, the Potash Pete Derby and more!

  • 16 Oct, 2019 - 2 Mar, 2020
    Community Chalk Art Day Photographs

    Thank you to everyone who participated in Community Chalk Art Day on...

  • 26 Aug, 2020 -
    The Cabinet of Curiosities

    The idea of a “Cabinet of Curiosities” (or in German—a “wunderkammer” or Wonder Cabinet) is a centuries-old idea.

  • 3 Apr, 2019 - 31 Aug, 2021
    Humboldt Broncos Memorial Exhibit

    View messages of hope and healing from across the country and around...

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