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100 Interesting Stories About Humboldt

The Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery has captured the essence of life in Humboldt, Saskatchewan with these captivating stories.  The book reveals many remarkable facts and facets of the lives of Humboldt and area residents from 1878 to 2005.  Discover the fascinating tales of:

  • Glenn Hall – Humboldt’s Hockey Hall of Famer
  • The night every light in town went out
  • The Mustard Capital of the World
  • Humboldt Telegraph Station and the Battle of Batoche
  • Harry Ford’s Red River Carts
  • A parachuting Santa Claus

and many more intriguing tales!

Price: $16.00 + GST 

You can own a piece of Humboldt’s history.  Contact us to order your copy today.


Before Darwin…
before Lewis and Clark…
there was Alexander von Humboldt.

Explorer.  Naturalist.  All-around genius.  Lost hero of science.

In  his time, Alexander von Humboldt (1789-1859) was world famous.  Why?  He led one of the first major scientific expeditions into the South American rain forest and another into the wilds of Siberia.  Carrying fragile instruments, he navigated perilous rapids and climbed the volcano of Tenerife.  He observed animals, plants, and cultures that no one in Europe had ever dreamed of, and his books about them inspired a whole generation of scientists – including Charles Darwin.

But before he did  any of that, he was a little boy who was curries about everything (especially bugs)!

Price: $23.50 + GST

For adventurous readers
ages 8 and up
With 75 color illustrations.

The Incredible yet True Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt will whisk you away to another time and place. Meet the young man who, defying his mothers wishes, became a daring explorer-scientists – and follow along as he makes his amazing discoveries. Lavish illustrations bring Humboldt’s untamed world to life. See nature through the eyes of a great early scientist. Wonder awaits!

Love from Humboldt

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We showcase the extraordinary talent of various artists, in medium of ceramics, paintings, glass art, watercolour and much more.

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