14 Feb, 2023 -
15 Apr, 2023

Exploring CQ

A virtual journey through 10 cultural clusters
Humboldt and District Museum

Image: Local Paya Tribe Dancers, Mt. Hagen, Papua, New Guinea, 2015

‘Exploring CQ’ is a photo exhibition by Cultural Intelligence facilitator Wilbur Sargunaraj.  Based on the work of the GLOBE leadership study and the Cultural Intelligence Center, the exhibit is a virtual journey designed to help people increase their CQ (Cultural Intelligence) by learning about 10 cultural clusters and 10 cultural values.  The exhibit introduces people to Cultural Intelligence with the goal of inspiring them to build bridges across cultural differences.  ‘Exploring CQ’ features a series of photographs taken by Wilbur over the last decade as he journeyed across the 10 cultural clusters to work and partner with various communities and organizations.  The relationships and friendships that were formed by these cross-cultural interactions are the inspiration behind the photo exhibit.  

“Wilbur invites us to travel with him into a world in which we celebrate difference and embrace the learning brought to us by newfound friends. Wilbur’s curiosity offers us access to parts of ourselves that only come to life when we are encountering the other. He offers people questions that bring out the values of humility, vulnerability, acceptance, generosity, service, and simplicity–the values that make us our best human selves.”

                                  – Dr. Ron Lalonde, Regional Manager Middle East Institute of Positive Education 

Learn more about Wilbur @wilburworldwide and www.wilbur.asia

Join us for an opening event Thursday, March 2 at 7:00 p.m. at the Humboldt and District Museum. It is an opportunity to have a conversation with the artist Wilbur Sargunaraj, to get to know your neighbours and to try some delectable dishes from the diverse cultural backgrounds represented here in Humboldt. The event is open to everyone and free of charge.

Facilitated viewings of the exhibit are available for booking as a learning opportunity for your business, classroom or community organization. Please contact the Museum for more details.

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