26 Sep, 2020 -
31 Jan, 2021

Community Connections

Celebrate Humboldt Culture
Humboldt and District Museum
This exhibit is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Humboldt and surrounding area. Often when we hear the word “heritage” we associate it with things long past, but our heritage as a community is alive and dynamic and changing every day.

We asked community members if they would be willing to share objects, stories and photographs that would tell a story about their cultural heritage, and this collection is the result of their generosity.

We would like to thank Tina Moar, Yoonjin Bott, Michelle Lafayette, Rahul Desai and their families for lending us the stories, objects and photographs in this exhibit.

This is just the first of what we hope will be many more “Community Connections”, so if you are interested in sharing your story with us in a future exhibit, please let us know.

To view the online version of this exibit, click on each of the pictures below to learn more about each one:

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