Jan 03-
Jun 212014

The Sound of Humboldt Music

A History of Music in Humboldt

Location: Humboldt and District Gallery

The Trapp Family brought the Sound of Music to Humboldt in the 1950s, but numerous local people have been making the sounds of “Humboldt” music for many years.

A self-taught musician and carpenter, Leo Germain built his own bass viol in the late 1940s. Through the 1930s to 1950s, Humboldt was home to composer Inez Bower who became well known for her “The Old Red River cart” tune. In the 1970s, Humboldt was home to the innovative Ken Verlage, who started making amps in his basement here before moving to Regina to manufacture his product.

Generations of Humboldt residents have enjoyed dancing to live bands on the weekends or at weddings. There have been musical productions featuring Humboldt artists that have been staged to rave reviews. Humboldt is also home to numerous solo artists, singing groups, bands and choirs who continue to entertain us.

This exhibit features past and present performers in the local music scene, and we invite you to explore their musical talent. While we have endeavoured to find as much information as we could for this display, we know that we will have missed some people who should be here. If you are one of those people or if you know someone whose story should be shared, please speak with the Gallery staff.

The story of the past is always evolving and changing, and we would appreciate your assistance in documenting the lives and sounds of Humboldt music.