Permanent Exhibits


The museum exhibits interpret Humboldt’s collective story throughout three floors of exhibits that are routinely changed to incorporate different artifacts and various themes.

Original Humboldt Station: This floor is currently being renovated! We will be bringing you new, up-to-date displays in 2015. Watch our website for updates on this revamp! For further information about the Humboldt Telegraph Station, please view our online exhibit on the Virtual Museum of Canada’s website.

St. Peter’s Colony: On the second floor, visitors can view the history of the religious organizations that contributed to the developement of Humboldt. The city is located within St. Peter’s Colony, founded in 1903 by the Benedictine Monks. Humboldt was influenced by the spiritual guidance of the Benedictines, the educational role of the Ursuline Sisters and the health care provided by the Sisters of St. Elizabeth. Journey through faith to discover the religious impact of these groups on the Colony.

Humboldt Businesses: Take a stroll through our various exhibits of Humboldt businesses – such as the Stebbings’ Barber Shop, Sutherland Law office, Gasser’s Drug Store, Dr. Heidgerken’s Dentist Office, photography studio, and Brusers General Store.

Country School: Step into the past with this reconstruction of Burton Lake School. This one-room schoolhouse gives you a glimps of what it would have been like to learn with all grades together and only one teacher! Have a seat in one of the bench desks, write on a slate or put your nose in the circle as punishment! This exhibit offers visitors the chance to step into history and experience education from a different time. 

Pioneer Home: View three of the rooms of a pioneer home – kitchen, parlour, dining room. The kitchen is equipped with everything you’ll need for pioneer life: a wood burning stove, cream separator, butter bowl, ice box, and washboard. The parlour and the dining room show the types of luxury some early settlers were able to achieve. These rooms show a way of life no longer seen in the area and commemorate the ingenuity of the early residents of Humboldt. 

A Unique View of Nature: Take a close up look at a bald eagle, golden eagle, pelican or loon. The natural history collection also includes a variety of ducks, hawks and owls.

Sports Hall of Fame: The Humboldt and District Sports Hall of Fame is located both at the Uniplex and at the museum. The museum displays artifacts of significance to the sports history of Humboldt. It also gives more detailed information on some of the inductees into the Hall of Fame. Use interactive touch screen displays to learn about local sports heroes.