Humboldt and District Gallery


History of Use

The Merchants Bank of Canada was established in Humboldt in January 1914. In March 1920 a branch at Humboldt was planned for construction in the spring, but was awaiting approval from head office. Tenders were received in June 1920 and construction began soon after. The tender was for a 25 foot by 60 foot structure, two storeys, full size basement, solid red brick construction, two vaults and a fireplace. The main floor was to be occupied by the bank with the second floor as living quarters for the staff. The Merchants Bank of Canada remained here until it was taken over by the Bank of Montreal in March 1922.

The Bank of Montreal used this building from April 1922 until it closed in March 1931. The reason stated in the local newspaper was insufficient business. The building was vacant until the Canadian Bank of Commerce purchased it the following year.


Additions were made to the building in 1948 and 1964. The branch became part of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) in June 1961. The CIBC moved to the building next door in October 1989.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce donated the building to the municipality in 1989 and the Willkommen Centre opened in this location later that year.

Designated Historic Site

The museum assumed stewardship of the building in 2011, and that same year the building was designated as Municipal Heritage Property. In January 2014 the building was re-opened as a dedicated gallery space, an extension location for the museum. This community venue is designed to host travelling and local art shows as well as providing additional exhibition space.