Feb 2019

Creating a Collaborative Bookwork with Artist Shona Dietz

Humboldt and District Gallery

01:00 pm

Join artist Shona Dietz in creating a collaborative artist’s bookwork. Experience a process that will open your imagination to a whole new way of working both inside and outside the box, literally!

Cost: $25 
(Gallery Members receive a %10 discount)
For ages 18+

What is an artist’s bookwork??  It’s a series of independent works, sometimes called ‘chapters’ or ‘volumes’, that tie together in some way to make a whole work. The stories of the book can be images, with or without text, and can be created on any material. Come and view Shona’s own bookwork entitled “Book of Journeys” on display until February 23 at the Gallery.

About the Artist
Shona J. Dietz is a multi-media artist whose installations blend digital audio or video work with established art forms like drawing, painting or sculpture. By combining traditional and contemporary practices, perceptions of time and space merge, sometimes creating ambiguity, which is a nod to the way memory operates. This exhibition investigates the validity of memory, which in reality is our own personal truth. How we retell the story allows us to reconcile our thoughts and actions...thus inevitably affecting the social environments of the future.
And we all have stories to tell…

Based in Saskatoon, she received her Fine Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan. She has been involved in numerous arts organizations and is an active member of CARFAC. Her works have been exhibited across Canada and in the United States.